Thank you!

I said it from the start, this election wasn't about me or you, it was about what we could do together.

So while today didn't go how we had hoped, I'm still as optimistic as ever about our state's future. Because of you we were able to expand four year old kindergarten to over 10,000 more kids a year; shine a light on a broken Department of Social Services where too many kids were harmed; and reform our state government.

To those who stood by me, and fought with me, to those who knocked doors, made calls, and talked to their neighbors, thank you. You mean the world to Amy and me. You'll always be part of our family.

South Carolina is where I was raised and it's where Amy and I are raising our boys. We are all South Carolinians and we all have a stake in our state's future.

Change isn't going to come from the results of a single election, but from an enduring effort to lift up our communities. Keep volunteering in your communities, keep supporting candidates who inspire you, keep the faith.

And for tonight, let me say one more time, thank you for all the hard work. I'll never forget your support.



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